The Canadian Mountain Podcast


Canada’s extensive mountain regions provide a wide range of benefits to Canadians such as fresh water, biocultural diversity, natural resources, recreation, and cultural and spiritual connection and healing. The Canadian Mountain Podcast is where you can hear the latest stories and findings from the Canadian Mountain Network, a national research network dedicated to the resilience and health of Canada’s mountain peoples and places. Each episode is produced by journalism students at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, and offers diverse perspectives from those living and working in our country’s varied and complex mountain regions. From academics to athletes and Indigenous Elders to policy makers, the Canadian Mountain Podcast brings you expert insights to explore the past, present, and future of mountain regions here in Canada and around the world.

Indigenous Intellectual Property, Part One

Copyright legally protects creators, granting exclusive rights for activities such as printing, publishing, performing, filming, and recording, or authorizing others to do so. This protection prohibits unauthorized use, subjecting...

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Understanding Aquatic Ecosystems in the Chic-Choc Mountains

The Chic-Choc Mountain range in the Gaspésie Peninsula of south-eastern Quebec is the focus of this episode of the Canadian Mountain Podcast. Catherine Lambert, the Executive Director of the...

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Podcast: Restoring the Klinse-Za Caribou and Maintaining Wildlife Balance

In episode three of season five of the Canadian Mountain Podcast, join host Julie Patton and producer Noel Ormita for a conversation with Chief Roland Wilson and researcher Clayton...

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Revitalization of Yukon Salmon Culture

Most of the Yukon Territory is covered by the Yukon River watershed, fed by glacial lakes that flow into the Yukon River system, which is home to diverse species,...

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Restoration of culture and land through Tatâga (bison) reintroduction

Welcome to Season 5 of the Canadian Mountain Podcast! We’re starting this season by understanding how reintroducing Tatâga (bison) into the Rocky Mountains is a meaningful part of healing...

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The Mountain Risk Knowledge Exchange Project

Mountain landscapes are dynamic systems, and life in the mountains is inherently exposed to a wide range of natural hazards, including landslides, mudslides, volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes, wildfires and flooding. This...

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