Join Mount Royal University fourth-year students as they share stories about everything from art and music to death and loss and much more in between. In each documentary-style episode, hear the stories that have left a meaningful mark on fellow Albertans — whether through their struggles or successes. This series is all about the human experience and those moments that weave purpose into our lives.

What’s Your Story? was produced with the Community Podcast Initiative, and is powered by Shaw.

“Talking about death does not kill you”

Many people fear death, and the reason why is simple — we don’t talk about it. While many of us avoid the topic of death, Janet Arnold's experiences of...

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“Molten Heads — we love you!”

Music is all about storytelling. And metal musician and lead singer of Molten Black, Sebby Trombetta, tells a story that Calgary isn’t just for country music. Sebby hopes to...

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“This is them showing me they care”

Relationships, no matter the kind, are constantly changing, and Gary Chapman’s Five Love Language Model breaks down how people give and express love. With their growing marriage, Marie McFarlane...

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“I do all of this to make other people think I’m human”

Many of us engage in masking — disguising one’s natural behaviours to conform to perceived social norms. But for folks with autism, masking is an ongoing process to manage...

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“Generations before us have brushed this under the rug, and that’s just not an option anymore”

A note: this episode focuses on pregnancy loss.   About 20 per cent of pregnancies in Canada end in miscarriage – a loss characterized by silent grief and hidden guilt due...

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“We’re trying to be inclusive of all types of families and filling the gap where everyone feels supported”

A note: this episode focuses on postpartum mental illness.   Giving birth is typically taught to be one of the most joyous moments in a mom's life, but overwhelming joy is...

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