THE Second Gen


First-generation Canadians have the unique experience of constantly being in between cultures, having been born in Canada to parents who immigrated from their home countries. The Second Gen podcast brings you the stories of the various complex experiences of this growing population, from children of immigrants themselves. This series is produced and hosted by Community Podcast Initiative Podcaster-in-Residence, Karina Zapata — a child of Filipino immigrants from Calgary, Alberta. From conversations about being the eldest child of immigrant parents to experiences as children of immigrants in the LGBTQ2S+ community, The Second Gen gives you insight into how this unique upbringing changes the way first-generation Canadians navigate life in Canada. This series is powered by Shaw. 

Living on Stolen Land

Colonization isn’t always a new topic for children of immigrants whose parents came from countries that were colonized. Still, many children of immigrants are navigating the guilt and responsibility...

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Expectations of Success

Living up to your parents’ expectations can be a challenge. That pressure is often heightened when your parents sacrificed everything they had to move to a brand new country...

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Mother Tongues

For many children of immigrants, speaking their heritage language can feel like one of the few ways of maintaining their cultural identity, being born and living away from their...

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Being part of the LGBTQ2S+ community comes with extra challenges as children of immigrant parents whose cultures and beliefs are often opposed to their queer identities. In this episode,...

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Mental Health

Navigating mental health as children of immigrants can be challenging, coming from communities who may not believe in getting support for it and parents who were often too busy...

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Eldest Child

Eldest children of immigrant parents often have to bear the weight of taking on extra work and responsibilities to help their families succeed. In this episode, host Karina Zapata...

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