Article 1

Article 1 magazine strives to report on the misrepresented, unheard and left behind. Every episode, hear an in-depth conversation connected to a feature story from our latest edition. This series is produced as part of the Community Podcast Initiative on treaty 7 territory, and powered by Shaw. Find our reporting at

Air Passenger Problems

In this episode of the Article 1 podcast, Zach Poole talks to Terence Hong about his experiences with and observations regarding the current state of Canada’s airline industry. As air travel...

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Women, religion, and violence – the connection

In this episode of the Article 1 podcast, Article 1 reporter Hajar Al Khouzaii takes a closer look at the relationship between religion and violence, a women’s choice to...

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Contraceptive access

Sara Eftekhar is a campaign volunteer with Access B.C. — an advocacy group working to eliminate the barriers to accessing contraception in Canada. Eftekhar’s work as a nurse practitioner...

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Discrimination behind mispronouncing personal names

In this episode, Emily Marsten talks with Rachelle Valenzuela on the racism behind English speakers purposely mispronouncing or “nicknaming” people of color names. Valenzuela is a Mount Royal University...

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Isolated during Covid without internet access

In this episode, Spencer Yu spoke with Kathy Coots, Linda McLean and Sally Tran about the issues with access to technology during the COVID-19 lockdown era, and the problems...

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Indigenizing the Canadian health care system

In this episode, Jazmine Canfield spoke with Tara Horril and Dion Simon, Stephanie Vandevenne about how Canadian healthcare providers ultimately can create an environment in the medical scene that’s...

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