“We’re trying to be inclusive of all types of families and filling the gap where everyone feels supported”


A note: this episode focuses on postpartum mental illness.

Giving birth is typically taught to be one of the most joyous moments in a mom’s life, but overwhelming joy is not the case for everyone. Some folks experience postpartum mental illness, which can mean postpartum depression, anxiety, and even psychosis. Yalda Kazemi found herself struggling with thoughts of harming her son, making her realize she needed help to deal with the realities of the postpartum mental illness she was experiencing. With the right resources, supports and treatment, postpartum symptoms can improve — yet the stresses on our health care system make it difficult for moms and families to navigate postpartum. This lack of support is why Paige Barlow works to fill gaps in postpartum care through MOSS Postpartum House.

Episode six of What’s Your Story? is hosted and produced by Charlotte Holmes.

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