“Before you know it, you start to put together this journey”


We all respond to the current climate crisis in different ways. Some people deny it, some recognize it, and some fear it. But some people take action. Inspired to act, the King of Bhutan designed the Snowman Race — the most formidable ultrarace ever assembled — calling attention to the reality of Bhutan’s remote communities living in the direct path of climate disaster. Like the King, Nicki Rehn values mountain systems and the natural environment. Her love of mountains called her to apply in hopes of competing in the inaugural Snowman Race, an experience that would push her mind and body further than ever before. The race would ignite a love for Bhutan, and her passion for education would take her journey beyond competing in the boldest five-day ultrarace to date.

Episode three of What’s Your Story? is hosted and produced by Sydney Klassen-Rosewarn.

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