Restoration of culture and land through Tatâga (bison) reintroduction

Welcome to Season 5 of the Canadian Mountain Podcast! We’re starting this season by understanding how reintroducing Tatâga (bison) into the Rocky Mountains is a meaningful part of healing the landscape but also a restoration of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Tatâga. Buffalo were nearly extirpated from Alberta because of colonization, and Indigenous peoples were removed from their land when Banff National Park was created. This is why the reintroduction of Tatâga is so important for Indigenous peoples and resilient ecosystems, as well as forging a path towards reconciliation. Join us in the conversation as Bill Snow tells us about the Stoney Nakoda Nations report, “Enhancing the Reintroduction of Plains Bison in Banff National Park Through Cultural Monitoring and Traditional Knowledge.” In the second half of the episode, we will hear from Marie-Eve Marchand, who will discuss the ecological, cultural and political impacts of reintroducing Tatâga to their native lands.

Hosts: Sydney Klassen-Rosewarn and Vanessa Forbyster


Bill Snow, Consultation Manager, Stoney Nakota First Nations

Marie-Eve Marchand, Organizer, Bison Belong initiative