Understanding Aquatic Ecosystems in the Chic-Choc Mountains

The Chic-Choc Mountain range in the Gaspésie Peninsula of south-eastern Quebec is the focus of this episode of the Canadian Mountain Podcast. Catherine Lambert, the Executive Director of the Mi’gmaq Indigenous Fisheries Management Association and Louise Chaverie, an Associate Professor with the Norwegian University of Life and Sciences, provided their perspective on the Knowledge Hub “Developing Knowledge on the Status of Aquatic Ecosystems in the Chic-Choc Mountains”. Overall, the goal of the Hub is to create and enable collaborative research and conservation measures between the Mi’gmaq, university researchers, and management organizations so that the best possible decisions can be made to protect the lakes and rivers in the region. These aquatic environments support fisheries, forestry, tourism, and arts and crafts, which combined, generate several million dollars in revenue each year.

Catherine and Louise explain the work that is happening as part of the Hub and how it expands the traditional conservation efforts that have historically gone towards marine and forestry resources, as well as discuss how and why they are doing fieldwork during Canada’s winters for climate monitoring. This episode also details how the Hub supports the cultural exchange of knowledge to better steward and protect these areas.