The Canadian Mountain Assessment

In this episode, we learn more about the Canadian Mountain Assessment, which is a flagship initiative of the Canadian Mountain Network that will clarify what we know, do not know, and need to know about Canada’s diverse and rapidly changing mountain systems. This assessment is led by Dr. Graham McDowell, who is supported by a team of international and Canadian advisors that help steward the project as it moves forward. The assessment is the first of its kind in Canada and the first in the world to put a primary focus on working and collaborating with Indigenous peoples.

Host: Ethan Ward


Dr. Graham McDowell is the Project Leader of the Canadian Mountain Assessment. He has also led community-level projects in the Nepal Himalayas, Peruvian Andes, Rocky Mountains, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic as well as numerous large-scale assessments of the human dimensions of climate change in cold regions.

Dr. Carolina Adler is a member of the Canadian Mountain Assessment’s International Advisory Committee and Executive Director at the Mountain Research Initiative. She is an environmental scientist and geographer with broad international professional experience with a career spanning both research and practice in the public and private sectors.

Dr. Philippus (Flip) Wester is a member of the Canadian Mountain Assessment’s International Advisory Committee, who provides guidance on the project based on his extensive work on other mountain assessments, specifically the Hindu Kush assessment that examined the Himalaya mountain range.