This series was a collaboration between MRU Journalism and the university’s Iniskim Centre, published in Winter 2019.

Raising Reconciliation: No more kids in care

On this episode, Peter Choate, Roy Bear Chief and Desiree Peigan discuss the issues of separating Indigenous families.

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Raising Reconciliation: How to be a great Indigenous ally

Many want to be an ally to the Indigenous community, but often don’t know where to start. On this episode, Eileen Clearsky, Francesca Simon and Kathy Offet-Gartner discuss how...

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Raising Reconciliation: Calling on Indigenous Students to Speak Out: What Educators Fail to Realize

How Indigenous students are being targeted in the classroom and what can be done to improve upon this. This episode follows Amanda Grace Heavy Runner, and Buffalo Kiss

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Raising Reconciliation: Inter-Generational Trauma

Three Indigenous community members share personal stories of inter-generational trauma and resilience. This episode follows Alvin Manitopyes, Veronica Marlowe and Audra Foggin

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Raising Reconciliation: From High School to Post-Secondary

University is often made to look like some kind of fictional fantasy filled with opportunities, but this Hollywood image is not the reality for all Mount royal University students....

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