Raising Reconciliation: No more kids in care

‘No more kids in care’

by Ricardo-Andres Garcia, Brian Wells, and Nathan Woolridge

This episode dives into the issues of separating Indigenous families — the crisis that Canada has created through Residential Schools, the Sixties Scoop and the Millennial Scoop among other events that took Indigenous children from their parents. Today, we are seeing it in the placement of First Nations children in foster care.

The effects of such events have led to a cycle of inter-generational trauma — a legacy of children being separated from their families and flooding the foster care system.

Indigenous children are over-represented in Canada’s foster care system, accounting for nearly half of all children cared for by the state, despite making up just seven per cent of all children in the country. The 2011 Statistics Canada data from still holds up.

“I really believe that First Nation’s communities are quite capable of looking after their own children.” -Roy Bear Chief

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