Why precarious work endangers the future of public broadcasting and journalism in Canada


About 70 TV Ontario workers have been on strike since August 21st. Wage increases and contract employment were the key sticking points in finding an agreement, which broke down after months of negotiation.

Six weeks into the strike, on Sept. 28th, the public broadcaster brought the membership what they called their “final offer” – which maintained the existing contract protections in the current collective agreement, but came in lower than the union’s ask for wage increases. The union voted against the deal – and are back to the picket lines.

Meredith Martin is the President of the TVO chapter of the Canadian Media Guild, and she joined CPI co-director on October 4th to talk about the strike, where the members go from here, and what this means for Canadian journalism in the bigger picture.

This episode is a collaboration with J-Source; you can find the full article here:https://j-source.ca/why-precarious-work-endangers-the-future-of-public-broadcasting-and-journalism-in-canada/

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