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Ethics in Podcasting: a panel discussion from the BEA 2023 conference

In this episode, we look at the sometimes-blurry ethical boundaries in podcasting. Earlier this year, CPI co-director Brad Clark was part of a panel discussion with media instructors from across...

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Walking in the Moccasins of our Ancestors

Join hosts Amie Osness and Shawanda Backfat in this gripping episode as we delve into the devastating flood of 2013 and its profound impact on the Siksika Nation. While the...

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Indigenous Intellectual Property, Part One

Copyright legally protects creators, granting exclusive rights for activities such as printing, publishing, performing, filming, and recording, or authorizing others to do so. This protection prohibits unauthorized use, subjecting...

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Why precarious work endangers the future of public broadcasting and journalism in Canada

About 70 TV Ontario workers have been on strike since August 21st. Wage increases and contract employment were the key sticking points in finding an agreement, which broke down...

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Planning your Podcast with Brad Clark & Meg Wilcox

In this episode, kicking off our second season, Sam Jolin sits down with the Co-Directors of the Community Podcast Initiative, Brad Clark and Meg Wilcox. This spring, they co-hosted the...

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Understanding Aquatic Ecosystems in the Chic-Choc Mountains

The Chic-Choc Mountain range in the Gaspésie Peninsula of south-eastern Quebec is the focus of this episode of the Canadian Mountain Podcast. Catherine Lambert, the Executive Director of the...

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Podcast: Restoring the Klinse-Za Caribou and Maintaining Wildlife Balance

In episode three of season five of the Canadian Mountain Podcast, join host Julie Patton and producer Noel Ormita for a conversation with Chief Roland Wilson and researcher Clayton...

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“Molten Heads — we love you!”

Music is all about storytelling. And metal musician and lead singer of Molten Black, Sebby Trombetta, tells a story that Calgary isn’t just for country music. Sebby hopes to...

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“Talking about death does not kill you”

Many people fear death, and the reason why is simple — we don’t talk about it. While many of us avoid the topic of death, Janet Arnold's experiences of...

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“This is them showing me they care”

Relationships, no matter the kind, are constantly changing, and Gary Chapman’s Five Love Language Model breaks down how people give and express love. With their growing marriage, Marie McFarlane...

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“I do all of this to make other people think I’m human”

Many of us engage in masking — disguising one’s natural behaviours to conform to perceived social norms. But for folks with autism, masking is an ongoing process to manage...

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“Generations before us have brushed this under the rug, and that’s just not an option anymore”

A note: this episode focuses on pregnancy loss.   About 20 per cent of pregnancies in Canada end in miscarriage – a loss characterized by silent grief and hidden guilt due...

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