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The Community Podcast Initiative

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The Podcast Studio is almost open! The final renovations and set-up are underway, and we look forward to welcoming students, faculty, and community members to our new space in Fall 2022.

Until then, read more about the Community Podcast Initiative here — and scroll down to listen to our latest podcast series.

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The Canadian Mountain Assessment

In this episode, we learn more about the Canadian Mountain Assessment, which is a flagship initiative of the Canadian Mountain Network that will clarify what we know, do not...

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International Mountain Day 2021: Sustainable Mountain Tourism

In this extended-length special edition of the Canadian Mountain Podcast, hear all about conserving natural and cultural heritage through sustainable mountain tourism. This episode includes the virtual recording from...

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Behind the scenes with the Canadian Mountain Podcast

On this episode of the Canadian Mountain Podcast, we look inward and discuss the hosting and production process of the team working behind the scenes of this series. We've...

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Asian Peoples and the Media

This episode of the Diversity Series explores how Asian peoples are portrayed in the media. We also examine the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic towards the perception of...

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Black Comedians

This podcast episode sheds light on how the media and the comedy industry treat and portray Black comedians. We’ll hear from a stand-up comedian from Edmonton, Sterling Scott. Using...

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The School of Communications Studies is thrilled to announce the launch of the Community Podcast Initiative at Mount Royal University — a new program that will connect students and the greater community through storytelling.