“Every art form is valid… and that’s the beauty of diversity”


Art spans every line of intersection and speaks to every person in varying emotional or spiritual ways. But Calgary’s art scene does not reflect the broad range of people or work contributing to the industry. For a craft that can provoke profound thought, address social constructs or give meaning to a moment, those diverse pursuits can’t exist in spaces that exclude people with different experiences or identities. A first-generation artist, Harvey-Nichol, and an Indigenous musician, Sandra Sutter, explain the impact of the current underrepresentation in Calgary’s arts community resulting from racism and sexism. Whether that means not being included in events or not receiving funding, the impacts are far-reaching. Ultimately, it’s up to galleries and institutions to create opportunities and choose to welcome artists from diverse backgrounds.

Episode two of What’s Your Story? is hosted and produced by Astrid Cunanan.

This series is powered by Shaw and produced as part of the Community Podcast Initiative at MRU Journalism.