A taste of the past and current podcasting work from Mount Royal Journalism. We look forward to sharing new and exciting programs as the Podcast Studio opens in 2021.

Raising Reconciliation

This series was a collaboration between MRU Journalism and the university’s Iniskim Centre, published in Winter 2019. The five-part series hosts Indigenous elders, educators and community members in conversations around what reconciliation means to them — from intergenerational trauma to how to be a good ally. 

Listen to the full series here.

The Canadian Mountain Podcast

This podcast explores the work of the Canadian Mountain Network, which supports the resilience and health of Canada’s mountain peoples and places through research partnerships based on Indigenous and Western ways of knowing that inform decision-making and action. The series is hosted and produced by a team of four student producers (Sarah Buffalo, Gabrielle Pyska, Eric Tanner and Ethan Ward) and is overseen by Prof. Meg Wilcox. 

Listen to the full series here.

We Are The Cougars Podcast

This four-part series, produced by CPI co-director Dr. Brad Clark with the MRU Cougars, looks at diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, unpacking privilege, and cultural competence — all through the eyes of different members of the MRU community. 

Listen to the full series here.

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