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“This beat isn’t going to judge me”

What is music for you? For Sinzere, hip-hop was her saving grace. She was struggling with her mental health and didn’t have an outlet to help her navigate her...

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Air Passenger Problems

In this episode of the Article 1 podcast, Zach Poole talks to Terence Hong about his experiences with and observations regarding the current state of Canada’s airline industry. As air travel...

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Women, religion, and violence – the connection

In this episode of the Article 1 podcast, Article 1 reporter Hajar Al Khouzaii takes a closer look at the relationship between religion and violence, a women’s choice to...

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Contraceptive access

Sara Eftekhar is a campaign volunteer with Access B.C. — an advocacy group working to eliminate the barriers to accessing contraception in Canada. Eftekhar’s work as a nurse practitioner...

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The Making Of: The Second Gen with Karina Zapata

In this episode, we take a look back on The Second Gen series produced by Karina Zapata, the CPI’s first Podcaster-in-Residence.  The Second Gen offers a glimpse into the experiences...

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Revitalization of Yukon Salmon Culture

Most of the Yukon Territory is covered by the Yukon River watershed, fed by glacial lakes that flow into the Yukon River system, which is home to diverse species,...

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Podcasting in a pandemic: reflecting on two years of learning and sharing knowledge through the Canadian Mountain Podcast

This episode explores the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing a CPI series: the Canadian Mountain Podcast. As the Canadian Mountain Podcast completed its fourth season in Spring 2022, the...

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The Canadian Mountain Podcast: Considering place and respecting Indigenous intellectual property in podcasts

This episode explores the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing a CPI series: the Canadian Mountain Podcast. Since its third season, the Canadian Mountain Podcast has strived to share perspectives...

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Developing Your Voice with Media Girlfriends

In an oversaturated podcast landscape, the strongest connections are made with authentic voices. In this episode, the CPI presents a workshop hosted by Media Girlfriends, an award winning podcast...

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Restoration of culture and land through Tatâga (bison) reintroduction

Welcome to Season 5 of the Canadian Mountain Podcast! We’re starting this season by understanding how reintroducing Tatâga (bison) into the Rocky Mountains is a meaningful part of healing...

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Let’s Talk About… Planning Your Career

In this episode, registered psychologist Michael Houston talks about his position within the Mount Royal University counselling team, the workshops he hosts and how they can help students, and...

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Living on Stolen Land

Colonization isn’t always a new topic for children of immigrants whose parents came from countries that were colonized. Still, many children of immigrants are navigating the guilt and responsibility...

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