The Community Podcast Initiative

The Podcast Studio is almost open! The final renovations and set-up are underway, and we look forward to welcoming students, faculty, and community members to our new space in Fall 2022.

Until then, read more about the Community Podcast Initiative here — and scroll down to listen to our latest podcast series.

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Let’s Talk About… International Students and Studies

Whether you’re travelling abroad for a semester or coming to MRU from overseas for your degree, studying internationally comes with its own unique challenges. In this episode, counselling psychologist...

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Expectations of Success

Living up to your parents’ expectations can be a challenge. That pressure is often heightened when your parents sacrificed everything they had to move to a brand new country...

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Let’s Talk About… Neurodiversity

In this episode, counselling psychologist Mirjam Knapik talks about neurodiversity, common misconceptions, and ways for the community to be more open-minded toward the neurodiverse population. Hosted by Anne Mayo...

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Mother Tongues

For many children of immigrants, speaking their heritage language can feel like one of the few ways of maintaining their cultural identity, being born and living away from their...

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Let’s Talk About… Resilience

In this episode counselor and psychologist Sonya Flessati joins host Angie Therrien to talk about the ins and outs of resilience, how to strengthen it and how it can...

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Being part of the LGBTQ2S+ community comes with extra challenges as children of immigrant parents whose cultures and beliefs are often opposed to their queer identities. In this episode,...

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The School of Communications Studies is thrilled to announce the launch of the Community Podcast Initiative at Mount Royal University — a new program that will connect students and the greater community through storytelling.